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Cristina is currently the drummer of STEREOKIMONO (instrumental trio of psychophonic oblique rock), MUMBLE RUMBLE (all-female band of power rock), LADIES ZEPPELIN (all-girl Led Zeppelin tribute band), ISN’T (improvisional music).

She has also played with SILUET (mediterranean music), ALHAMBRA K. (prog, psychedelic and ethnic sounds), THELEMA (goth/post-punk band), LE VEDOVE ALLEGRE (amusing show with thirteen women).

Cristina has toured in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Albania, Spain.


1992 – MUMBLE RUMBLE as winners of the national contest “Arezzo Wave Festival” (Italy).

1993 – MUMBLE RUMBLE “Eli Capture” track in the cd compilation “Arezzo Wave 92” (by Big Square/Emi).

1994 – The release of MUMBLE RUMBLE debut cd and vinyl lp “Kapow” (by Aaarrgh Records-Technogod).

1997/1998 – MUMBLE RUMBLE listed in the books “Resistenze musicali” (by Rinaldini/Angeli) and “Dizionario dei nomi rock” (ed. Arcana).

1999 – The release of MUMBLE RUMBLE second cd “Ricordaredimenticare” (by Lilium/Sony) with the track “Hardcore” included in the “Rock Sound sampler” cd compilation (by Rocksound/Freeway).

2000 – STEREOKIMONO as winners of the fifth edition of national music contest “Stratosferica”, entitled to the memory of Demetrio Stratos.

2000 – The release of STEREOKIMONO debut album “Ki” (by irIdea/Audioglobe).

2001 – The release of SILUET album “Mai a posto”.

2001 – MUMBLE RUMBLE “RicordareDimenticare” track in the “Il meglio del MEI” cd compilation (by Vitaminic).

2001 – MUMBLE RUMBLE & STEREOKIMONO pages in the book “Enciclopedia del Rock Bolognese” (ed. Punto e Virgola).

2002 – Two tracks of STEREOKIMONO included in the cd compilation “Italian Prog Bands” (by irIdea/M.J. New York) released only in Mexico, South America and Japan.

2002 – A pre-mix version of STEREOKIMONO cd “Prismosfera” as winner of the prize for best instrumental album of the year at the national contest “Premio MEI / Toast 2002”.

2003 – SILUET as winners of the national contest “Risonanze” (Villafranca Padovana – Italy).

2003 – SILUET “Cosa Curiosa” in the “Scatto Primo” cd compilation (by Bar Wolf).

2003 – The release of STEREOKIMONO second album “Prismosfera” (by Immaginifica/BTF-Venus), with the ‘excellent’ production of Franz Di Cioccio (PFM).

2003 – STEREOKIMONO in the vinyl compilation “The Vegetable Man 10″ Project” (by Oggetti Volanti Non Identificati).

2004 – MUMBLE RUMBLE “Specie” track in the “Nonsolorock festival 2004” cd compilation (by Nonsolorock/Map).

2004 – SILUET as winners of the national contest “Il Festival della Musica di Mantova” and the release of “La Ballata dell’Amor Beffato” in the “Mantova Musica Festival” cd compilation (by Upr/Peones). 

2004 – STEREOKIMONO + ROY PACI (as a special guest) with the track “Onda Beta” in the “Demetrialmente” cd compilation (by Grande Albero/Stratosferica).

2005 – STEREOKIMONO in the popular British “Gibraltar Encyclopaedia of Progressive Rock” and in the “Enciclopedia del Rock Bolognese” (ed. Punto e Virgola).

2005 – The release of ISN’T cd “Deep ocean inside” (by Sublime).

2005 – MUMBLE RUMBLE as winners of the cd project “I-ndipendente” (by Edel) with the track “Clematis” included in the homonymous compilation.

2007/2008 – Some tracks of STEREOKIMONO included in the soundtracks of several Italian DVD productions as: “Il Quadro Annodato” of the artist Eliana Masala, “Rosso Verzegnis”, “La scatola dei racconti” and few other documentary films.

2008 – CRISTINA attended a Guitar Craft L1 course in Sant Cugat (Spain) with Robert Fripp.

2008 – STEREOKIMONO ‘s “Apoteotico” + ALHAMBRA K. ‘s “Nel Verde” in the “Neptunia” cd compilation (by Prophexy).

2008 – The release of MUMBLE RUMBLE third cd “Tredici” (by Latlantide/ed.Emi).

2008 – MUMBLE RUMBLE ‘s “Clematis” in the cd compilation “Rock Sound sampler” n° 121 (by Rocksound).

2009 – MUMBLE RUMBLE ‘s “Global War” in the “Dal Profondo” cd compilation (by Latlantide/Giucar).

2010 – MUMBLE RUMBLE ‘s “Dedicata” in the “30 Valentine’s Day Tunes” cd compilation (by Latlantide).

2010 – The release of ALHAMBRA K. cd “Canto di Sabbia” (by Fly Agaric).

2011 – Drums on  “Across the Road” cd of Mama’s Gan (a female tribute to the Beatles’ LP “Abbey Road”).

2011 – Some pages about MUMBLE RUMBLE in the book “Le Ragazze del Rock” (by Jessica Dainese – ed. Sonic Press).

2012 – MUMBLE RUMBLE & STEREOKIMONO in the book “Largo all’Avanguardia” (by Oderso Rubini – ed. Sonic Press).

2012 – The release of THELEMA cd “LIVE IN FLORENCE” (by Mad Cow).

2012 – The release of STEREOKIMONO third album “INTERGALACTIC ART CAFE’” (by Immaginifica-Aereostella/Edel) again with the production of FRANZ DI CIOCCIO (PFM).

2012 – STEREOKIMONO ‘s “Zona d’Ombra” live version in the “Prog Exhibition 2” cd compilation (by Immaginifica/Edel).

2012 – THELEMA ‘s “Stars Shining Bright” live version in the “Noi(se) per l’Emilia” on line cd compilation.

2012 – MUMBLE RUMBLE ‘s “Clematis” in the “Freschi per Davvero” on line cd compilation (by XL di Repubblica).

2012 – CRISTINA play live at “DRUM LADIES FEST”, the first major event of Italian drums and percussion all-female.

2012 – MUMBLE RUMBLE ‘s “Global War” in the “Le Ragazze del Rock” cd compilation (by Spit/Fire – Goodfellas).

2013 – MUMBLE RUMBLE in the eBook: “Estatica – Le Interviste vol.1”.

2014 – MUMBLE RUMBLE with a song (“This empty heart”) on the soundtrack of the short film “Con le mie mani”, against violence against women.



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